We all know that the travel scenario has not been looking very good for a while now. While there isn’t a lot you can do to help that situation, what you CAN do is get the word of your business out there.

As lockdowns have been in effect, online consumption has increased at a very quick rate. This is where You want to seize the opportunity and give your existing customers something to look forward to and new followers content to consume.

Don't let your Social media profiles be inactive in this duration -

Here are quick tips from our side of what you can do

1.  Put out useful content relevant to the current scenario:

Because of coronavirus, different countries have taken different measures regarding social distancing and lockdowns but now lockdowns are easing and travel is getting back on its feet. There is a lot of positivity which can be shared with your customers.

What you can do is combine your niche content with recent positive facts about lockdowns easing up.  

2.  Show a recovery plan: Travel is unlikely to stop forever. In fact, right after the pandemic is over with, the travel and tourism industry is going to boom. So what people online need right now is a company they can have continued faith in. A recovery plan shows promise for a company and thus generates faith.

By explaining your recovery plans, your followers will have the time to arrange their future trips accordingly. So they will highly likely consider your brand to be a good option.

You can keep on showcasing what new trips, itineraries you plan to bring in future and ask your users to register for more information on those trips.

3.  Run promotions for a post-Covid scenario: A study by Sprout Social Index showed that 72% of consumers want discounts or sales to be posted on brands’ social media. However, only 18% of marketers share that thought. Use this gap to your advantage and give your followers the content they need.

Create exclusive deals where travelers can buy them from you right now and travel anytime later in the next one year.  These could be like buy 2 nights and get 2 nights free, free flights on land package etc.

4.  Engage with your audience:  User-generated content is also a perfect means of getting higher engagement rates, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s good to ask your previous customers and even new followers to share their moments of using your services.

By sharing these posts, you can make your customers feel comfortable with you and keep using your services in the future. This is also a good way of getting more followers, generating more leads, and finally converting them to real sales.

Another very cool way to grow your social media is to increase interaction is to encourage user-generated content - polls, quiz questions, and ask for suggestions.

Ask your old customers to share their pictures of their trips and you can post it on your social channels.

5.  Keep a tab on your competition: While keeping a tab on competition has been the common standard for all business, for travel companies especially in this scenario, keeping a tab is more important than ever since everyone is coming up with their own creative ways to grow their social media. You can incorporate their content strategies in your own social media strategy and increase your follower base.