With the Deputy Commissioner Bagadi Gautham issuing an order for the withdrawal of the COVID-19 ban, the district of Chikkamagalur has eliminated intra-state and inter-state travel ban and has opened its doors for welcoming tourists.

The elimination of the ban imposed in Chikkamagaluru has definitely elated nature lovers, adventure-seekers, photographers, and religious travellers, who loved to travel to the city owing to its scenic beauty, calm environment, and historic shrines.

The travel restrictions of the place had been relaxed earlier, towards the middle episode of the national lockdown. During this time, thousands of travellers flocked to the highest mountain of Karnataka, Mullayanagiri, which lies at a very proximate distance to the city of Chikkamagaluru. This resulted in a very concerning scenario, compelling the district administration to urgently impose a ban on tourism in order to check on the transmission of the coronavirus.

In accordance with the new orders issued lately, visitors are only permitted to travel in hired or their personal vehicles such as 2-wheelers and cars. The tourists are not allowed to come in buses or in large groups. This directive has also been sent out to village panchayats and homestays.

In order to make sure that the tourists travel safely to the place and enjoy to the fullest without compromising on their health, the district administration has also given the hotels and homestays a list of important guidelines to strictly abide by and ensure thorough sanitization of their accommodation facilities.