In accordance with the recent announcement of Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Mr Hardeep Puri, India is negotiating with  13 more countries now, for resuming flights under the establishment of air bubble arrangements.  The new nations that are likely to come forward for the air bubble deal with India include New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Italy, Israel, Bahrain, Nigeria, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Russia, Philippines, and Kenya.

These new additions have motivated the travel enthusiasts to look forward to resuming their travel plans in the “new normal” of COVID-19.

Until now, India has successfully made bilateral air bubble arrangements with a total of 7 nations for commencing air services on a restricted basis. The nations that have so far come into the air corridor deal with India include the UK, USA, UAE, Maldives, Qatar, Germany, and France.India also has plans of setting up COVID test labs at prime airports across the country so that travellers who test negative would not have to undergo a 14 or 7-day quarantine. This plan is expected to start coming into effect from Delhi, which will be followed by Bombay and other important destinations. This initiative will again streamline the travel processes and increase tourist activities under the appreciable air bubble arrangements.