Giving a nice boost to its tourism sector in this new normal environment of COVID-19, Guwahati observed the inauguration of the longest rope-way of the country over the Brahmaputra river. According to travel experts, the establishment of this advanced rope-way in the state would add to the popular attractions of Guwahati and bring in a significantly heavy influx of national and international tourists.

This new river rope-way will act as a bridge between North Guwahati and Guwahati City, stretching over a distance of 1.8 kilometres, overlooking the majestic Brahmaputra river. Operating from Kachari Ghat in Panbazar and traversing up to Doul Govinda Temple in North Guwahati, this beautiful ropeway will not only cut down the travel duration but will also offer the travellers breathtaking sights of the picturesque Urvashi Island and the magnificent Umananda Temple lying on the Peacock Island.

As revealed in a statement by the state government, this rope-way has been constructed by bringing on to the table, state of art technology, and abiding by top-notch international and national standards. This long rope-way is reportedly a Single Haul, Twin Track, Bi-Cable Double Jig Back system that features 2 cabins with each having the capacity to accommodate 30 passengers and 1 operator at any single time. The capacity of the rope-way is said to be 250 PPH (Persons Per Hour).

Operated by electricity, this rope-way system is not only a very convenient, but also an ecologically sustainable mode of transport that will preserve the region’s natural beauty and offer the tourists an improved and more comfortable travel experience.