Maldives is one of the most loved tourist destinations globally, and there are too many beach lovers in India who are striving to travel to this group of islands. From Bollywood to people on television, many people are flying to this beautiful space to spend some quality time with friends and family. But amidst all the chaos and confusion, rumours are doing the rounds of Maldives not accepting tourists.

This is not true!

According to the Maldives government, “ We were never closed for any tourist either from India or the other parts of the world. Tourism is a driving factor of our economy and we are taking utmost measure to make it safe for everyone visiting here.”

Yes, you heard it right. If you are planning to visit this strikingly gorgeous place, Maldives is all set to welcome you. However, for the safety of all the tourists and the locals, there are some rules and guidelines that every individual has to abide by.

People travelling from India need to share their negative RT-PCR test report, which was taken 96 hours prior to boarding the flight. Also, there are no restrictions on the resorts situated away from the main city. That is, all resorts and villas located on separate islands are open for Indian travellers. However, as per the directive issued by the state officials, from April 27, 2021, Indians will not be allowed to stay in guesthouses and hotels on populated islands. But, if you are already living in such facilities, i.e., checked in before April 27, 2021, you will be allowed to stay per your booking dates.

In contrast to numerous different nations, the Maldives has not prohibited international flights from India. The directive only applies to staying on secluded islands. The Maldives is one of only three countries and the first to make its way for vacationers during the first lockdown in 2020.

After the outburst of the second strain in India, the UK variant, travelling and tourism have been impacted a bit again. The government is trying its best to take preventive measures, and make everything possible.

So, do not worry and get ready for your next trip to exquisite resorts and villas in Maldives and enjoy your stay, just like most Indian celebrities are doing, on a private island surrounded by the white sand and crystal clear waters, with utmost safety.