In an announcement made lately by the Indian High Commission in the Maldives, 5 flights will now run between the countries every week under the special air bubble arrangement.

While 2 weekly flights of IndiGo Airlines are scheduled to run between Kochi and Male, 2 weekly flights of National Maldivian Airline will operate between Male and Trivandrum. Additionally, one Air India flight will operate between Delhi, Trivandrum, and Male every week.

With more than 1,65,000 Indian travellers visiting Maldives every year, a huge part of the island nation’s tourist arrivals is calculated to be from India. According to the Indian high commission, the increase in the air services operating under the air bubble arrangement will aid in increasing Indian tourists visiting the Maldives and eventually help in reviving the economy of the archipelago, which had come to a standstill due to the Coronavirus crisis.

India is also visited by a huge number of Maldivians every year, especially for health and medical purposes. According to the Indian high commission, the hike in the number of flights running between both the countries under the air bubble agreement will also be helpful for the Maldivian nationals who need to visit India for seeking advanced medical treatment.