A brilliant news update comes in for the travel enthusiasts in India as the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) announces easy travel for Indian citizens to USA, France, & Germany on any type of visa for the respective countries. Previously, only the citizens holding a residency visa in these nations or Indians having long-term visas had the permission for flying out.

India’s introduction of air bubbles with foreign nations has proved to be a great step in regulating travel in the "new normal". This will not only let Indian citizens fly to their destination countries with any visa, but will also allow OCI cardholders to enter India from the nations with which the country has made “air bubble” arrangements. The number of nations India has an air bubble with will most likely grow in the upcoming days, as restrictions are being lifted up, phase by phase by the government.

The air bubbles being talked about here are basically travel agreements between the countries for resuming commercial flight services in this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although, the number of air services running will be limited and local testing and quarantine rules may apply.