As per the report of the Ministry of Health of New Zealand, the country has received no new Coronavirus cases due to community spread in the last 100 days.  The last community spread case in New Zealand was identified on 1st May, after a significant number of days of the country easing its lockdown. As of now, there are 23 active Coronavirus cases in New Zealand, all of which are in isolation. Receiving global praises for its brilliant management of the deadly pandemic, the country has recorded a total of 22 deaths and 1,219 confirmed cases.

Strong border restrictions, prompt test-and-trace programmes, effective safety measures, and a significantly early lockdown have proved to be the rewarding factors in apparently eliminating Coronavirus from New Zealand. However, the officials are believed to stay alert about a potential second wave of COVID cases.

Since 8th June, New Zealand has reportedly stayed at Alert Level 1, which implies that the virus has been controlled within the nation, but is still uncontrolled abroad. Under Alert Level 1, offices and educational institutions are allowed to open up and restrictions on domestic travel and gatherings are eliminated. Moreover, people are advised to wash hands, stay home as much as possible, and practice basic hygiene. Workplaces and event organizers are also expected to keep a track on the records that can help trace contact.

The 5 million residents of this South Pacific country are experiencing life return back to “normal”, as they hangout in the restaurants and bars and attend games of rugby at the stadiums.