Aditya and Mithila Beheray from Mumbai, ardent travel lovers, had a trip to Ladakh pending on their bucket lists for a very long time. Wandering on wheels, physical constraints had never stopped this free-spirited couple from traveling and exploring life the way they wanted to, so why would Ladakh be an exception?

They were determined to witness the picturesque vistas of the “land of the high passes” and for that, their undying enthusiasm was enough to fuel their passion for travel and make their dream a reality.

Their journey, paired with a couple of wheelchairs, is a testimony to the fact that travel is for everyone.

This is just a start to the many adventures we have planned. We believe that with a zeal and passion for exploring, one can travel anywhere they want. Sometimes all it takes is a moment of courage that will take you to many unopened doors. Lead the way and your journey of life will be an inspiration for many” says Aditya and Mithila.

Vigilant Planning of the trip

A lot of research and planning went into the creation of their perfect itinerary. Aditya and Mithila worked closely with the team at Thrillophilia to determine what they wanted to include in their itinerary. Mithila says, “Priyansh and Aman took care of everything to the last detail. Even when we had second thoughts just hours before leaving for the journey, they assured us that the trip would work out just perfect.”

The Most-desired Trip begins

On arriving at Leh, the couple felt comforted to find everything arranged for their convenience. Aditya was moved by how everyone was careful yet excited at their arrival, “from the high-spirited driver who accompanied us throughout the trip to the hotel staff, I do not have enough words to thank each one of them for such a worthwhile experience. The hotel staff went out of their way to make modifications to our room, including lowering the height of our beds and making the bathrooms wheelchair accessible.”

The duo took their time to rest on their first day going around the nearby points only and the team took adequate care to ensure they were acclimatized to the high altitude. While certain landmarks had to be missed like the Leh Palace due to numerous staircases and no ramps, the couple went to Shanti Stupa, to witness the serene vibes and stunning panoramic view of the Himalayas all around. Mithila and Aditya both believe there couldn’t have been a better start to their trip than a visit to this peaceful Buddhist Stupa.

Throughout the trip, they were guided by Thrillophilia’s On-Ground team, who made sure to provide a seamless experience of this magnificent destination.

An Ode to the Best Moments in Life

It is worth mentioning that Aditya was especially enthusiastic about the white sand dunes of the Nubra Valley and Khardung La, the highest motorable road in the world. The driver was quick-witted to park the car in such a way that the couple could take a photograph with the famous Khardung La signboard without having to alight the vehicle. Their smiles were a testimony to the fact that a must-do activity was ticked off their bucket lists.

The best part of their trip was probably the day trip to Pangong Tso on the final day. With picturesque mountains along the way and an azure sky in the background, Mithila and Aditya were ecstatic, to say the least. The couple couldn’t contain their excitement at the first glimpse of the lake with the reflections of the brilliant blue skies above. This is indeed a dream come true moment for us.”

As the trip ended, they took back with them a big bag of cherished photographs and a bigger bag of memories. Thanking Thrillophilia for their service, Aditya quoted, “It was a great experience with Thrillophilia as the whole team was connected with us throughout the trip and left no stone unturned!”

Mithila added, “It made us feel quite assured seeing the team excited and always on their toes to make our Ladakh trip a journey of a lifetime.”

Chitransh Singh, Category Manager at Thrillophilia adds, “Not having assisted wheelchair-bound travelers on this circuit, it was a new avenue for Thrillophilia and quite a challenging one at that, due to the limited provision of amenities and lack of accessibility in this terrain.

However, we at Thrillophilia, are extremely passionate about our travelers and wish to give them memorable experiences of a lifetime. To make that possible, the sales team joined forces with the operations  team and executed this Ladakh trip to perfection. Detailing things like distance from parking points to tweaking the itinerary according to what was possible on a wheelchair, the team was connected to the on- ground staff over video calls throughout the journey. We also called each hotel requesting them to give attention and care to our special couple. In the end, the smiling faces of the couple at Ladakh was all we could have asked for.”