In accordance with the latest plans of the government of Nepal, the country will offer Indian tourists the topmost priority in an attempt to revive its tourism sector after lifting up the tourist restrictions post lockdown.

In one of his latest announcements, the Tourist Minister of Nepal Bikash Lamsal revealed that since Indian travellers make for a huge part of the country’s foreign tourists, giving them the utmost preference can be a great initiative for reviving the tourism sector of the nation. He also stated that although Nepal could not welcome foreign tourists for a significant amount of time due to the pandemic, the country is gradually attempting to make things better for international travellers in the days to come.

With Nepal planning to open up its tourist activities for international tourists, both Indian and non-Indian travellers are delighted to soon plan their post-COVID holiday to the country to enjoy exciting things to do including trekking, kayaking, boating, and paragliding, all of which the nation is famous for.

The Tourist Minister also revealed that the year 2019 - 2022 will be observed as Tourism Year in Nepal. While 2021 will be observed as Tourism Infrastructure Improvement Year, the year 2022 will be considered as International Tourism Year in the country.