The Karnataka government has decided to reopen Nandi Hills from the 7th of September, for visitors from 8 am to 5 pm. Nandi hills serve as one of the most popular weekend getaway destinations for residents of Bangalore and the news has gotten the hikers, nature lovers and travellers looking to visit these stunning hills during the weekend very excited.

The special officer of Nandi Hills Mr N Gopal revealed in one of his statements that elaborate arrangements have been made at the tourist spot to control the transmission of the virus and let the visitors enjoy a safe and fun-filled time. An extra team of personnel have been deployed all over the hill for preventing crowding. Thermal screening will be done for each visitor at the entry point and all the travellers will need to wear masks.

Since Nandi Hills remained closed until now, most of the visitors used to climb up through the sidewalk and return after getting a small glimpse of the hill from outside. With the hills reopening soon, the tourists will now be able to visit their favourite vantage site freely and the local economy will also get a good boost.