Thrillophilia acknowledges the cancellation requests from its customers for their upcoming Maldives trips due to the recent Maldives controversy. In response to these requests, the organization has taken a proactive approach to assure its customers by announcing a 100% refund for all Maldives tours booked for the upcoming months.

The statements, which have raised concerns among various stakeholders, have prompted Thrillophilia to understand the impact on its valued customers and prioritize customer experience by offering a full refund. The company places a high value on promoting destinations that foster positive diplomatic relations and a welcoming atmosphere for travelers.

In addition to this customer-centric approach, Thrillophilia wishes to emphasize its support for domestic tourism and the exploration of India's diverse destinations. Thrillophilia has been committed from the last twelve years to promoting experential tourism in India. Today, on Thrillophilia, one can get the most diverse and most unique experiences across the country. We firmly believe in the undiscovered wonders that Incredible India has to offer from its rich culture, breathtaking landscapes and warm hospitality.

Thrillophilia remains committed to providing exceptional travel experiences, whether it's exploring international destinations or uncovering the hidden treasures of India.

The decision to offer a full refund underscores the company's commitment to customer-centric practice.