Meet the performance team at Thrillophilia, the masterminds behind defining, shaping, and growing our digital presence! This dynamic team is rewriting the rulebook on performance marketing – from dissecting user behaviours to crafting most innovative marketing campaigns. They're always on top of data and optimising to get the best results for every dollar spent.

So, let’s learn from the team itself, what it feels to be at the forefront of this exciting journey and get a sneak-peek into their daily lives.

Growth Journey

Picture this: a handful of passionate marketers gathered around a table, armed with laptops and an absolute belief in the magic of data-driven strategies. Their early days were all about experimenting and learning. Fast forward a couple of years, and this team has transformed into a fireball driving exponential growth for the platform.

Today, the performance marketing team at Thrillophilia is like the unsung heroes of a blockbuster film, creating magic from behind the screen. Their work makes sure every experience created reaches the right audience looking for it.

Ready to dive into their roles and future aspirations? Let the adventure begin!

Today we have Ram with us who leads performance marketing and he talks about his role and how his team rock n rolls!

What role does the team play?

From honing social media strategies and email campaigns, the performance marketing team is dedicated to enhancing visibility, maximising ROI, and ultimately fueling the company's growth in the competitive travel industry. Moreover, their focus extends beyond just reach; they prioritise enhancing the user journey, analysing user interactions with ads to minimise drop-offs and effectively communicate our services and unique selling points.

Furthermore, our marketing efforts extend into strategic partnerships with tourism boards and travel brands, such as Dubai Tourism, Abu Dhabi Tourism, and Japan, where our campaigns serve as vital components in scaling destinations on the platform and increasing the visibility to the Indian market.

And how do they manage to do it all– flawlessly?

Shruti adds, ‘We thrive on challenges. Every obstacle is just another thrill to conquer. When a campaign goes live, the adrenaline rush is unbelievable. We track metrics in real-time and celebrate every milestone like it’s a grand victory."

What is exciting about everyday?

Ram says, “ Everyday is a blend of data analytics, fun and some occasional challenges.”   The teams normally start their day with strong coffee and a stronger curiosity, analysing the numbers from their earlier campaigns. Prince loves identifying what worked and what didn’t the previous day. Meanwhile, Nitish, the strategy guru, brainstorms on how to solve new challenges and puts up a strategy for upcoming campaigns . Nitish quips, "Our team meetings are part strategy, part stand-up comedy!"

Apart from the office hours, the team also occasionally hangs out together, exploring the aesthetic cafes of Jaipur or partying during the weekends.

The team is extremely close-knit and never fails to motivate each other. ’Moving from Maharashtra to Jaipur in December 2023 was tough initially, but joining Thrillophilia changed my life. My colleagues became friends quickly, and the support from my mentors helped me adjust in a very short time. Plus, the team spirit here is incredible—we often go out together on weekends. Jaipur’s vibrant culture, beautiful historical sites, pretty eateries and affordable living makes it a fantastic place to work and live.’, says Divya who joined as a fresher in the team.

Ram reveals the secret sauce behind turning each project or challenge into a success: “Our team has cracked the code on building a happy space for everyone. We keep things fun, exchange ideas, and give each other chances to bring in our own creativity. We've embraced a culture of accountability where every member takes pride in their contributions.”

The Exciting Road Ahead

Thrillophilia’s performance marketing team is not just catalysing the company’s success but also paving the way for exciting career opportunities. With the dynamic travel market and ever-changing algorithms, Ram, the Digital Marketing Manager seems to have some solid future plans which in his words, “will be unveiled bit by bit, like the plot of a mystery novel, and shake up the market like a wild roller coaster ride.”

They have been running multiple campaigns in some of the destinations which have performed really well and left a remarkable impact. "We have scaled many destinations from scratch and our strategies have yielded results in the form of increased ROI, every month," says Prince, the Team Lead of Performance Marketing.

Yatin, quite excited, added, “There are a lot of parallel projects that we are working on, along with scaling User Generated Content (UGC) and collaborating with travel influencers. We can’t wait for these verticals to grow bigger in the coming months.”

We also spoke to Abhishek Daga, co-founder of Thrillophilia, who says, "We have become the biggest in India in many verticals. While our tour campaigns today are already bigger than any other company in the country, it’s just the beginning. Like Amazon, we also say it’s just day1 and we are just getting started.. We're gearing up for major leaps, and anyone joining us now is set for a thrilling journey of accelerated learning and explosive career growth. This is certainly going to be an adventure of a lifetime and at this scale learnings are immense  !"

What are the core values ?

Ram says, "Thrillophilia has always been a flat playground where a fresher as well as a seasoned expert can come, learn and showcase their skills. The company also has an open-door policy where each and everyone can come and give their valuable inputs. The founders believe that the success of the company is driven by the values of ‘ownership’ along with fostering a healthy work environment for all. This closely ties everyone together with the thread of ‘belongingness’.

To quote Chitra Daga, the CEO at Thrillophilia,  “A company is built by its people and here at Thrillophilia, we believe that we are a united family working together to make incredible travel experiences accessible to all.’

So, if you are a marketing connoisseur with a passion for travel and dream of a workplace that never fails to inspire, then look no further—Thrillophilia might just be the dream place for you!