Thrillophilia has partnered with GoPro for the year-long GoPro Passport Program which enables GoPro Hero 7 users in India to win rewards and avail massive discounts on Thrillophilia. The program is exclusively designed for GoPro Hero 7 users and is aimed to build an exclusive community of travellers. Additionally, the registered GoPro users can also benefit from the program by earning GoScore points and Thrillcash on the Thrillophilia website which can further be utilized to book experiences.

The catchline “If travelling and documenting your travel experience is your passion then you’ve found the perfect passport” stands true to the message of this program. Tons of adventure enthusiasts who own the GoPro Hero 7 can hugely satisfy their wanderlust by availing up to 25% off on 15,000+ experiences on Thrillophilia.

Registered users also stand a chance to get featured on GoPro and Thrillophilia social media pages by sharing their content and tagging their official handles. On the same lines, Thrillophilia will scale the #GoProPassport campaign on social media under which several users can win big rewards for their shared content. The program will also allow registered users to earn GoScore points by booking experiences on Thrillophilia, writing reviews, blogs and making videos about their experiences and sharing the content on social channels. For each milestone earned, registered users will also be able to unlock badges, get GoPro passport stamps on their virtual passport and share their achievements on social media. Further, with each unlocked badge, they will be able to earn Thrillcash which will be credited to their Thillophilia account for them to book experiences from the website.

One of the best things that this program provides is the chance for users to become a part of the largest community of travellers who live to explore. Users can track theirs’ and everyone else’s’ progress in their profiles of the passport program.

The program brings the best of Thrillophilia and GoPro under one roof and provides the ultimate experience for the travel enthusiasts’ community. The more they share their travel content, the more GoScore points they earn. And the more points they earn, the more discounts and reductions will they be able to avail for the huge collection of experiences, adventure, excursions, tours and activities on the Thrillophilia website- it’s a win-win situation!

About GoPro

GoPro is the producer of the best cameras for adventure travellers in the world. The company masters in apps, cameras and accessories exclusively designed to capture moments of travellers’ adventures- be it high up on the mountain or way down in the ocean. GoPro has sold millions of its rough and tough cameras worldwide and continues to be number one in its stream.