Life of a Thrillophilian is fast-paced, exciting, and always rewarding in the true sense of the term. One might even say that people at Thrillophilia run on rocket power. As we start off with this “day in the life of” series, who could be a better person to give us insights than our in-house bundle of energy, our Category Manager, Chitransh Singh.

Chitransh handles multiple categories in domestic tours at Thrillophilia. He is highly adored by his team members, not only for his infectious enthusiasm and motivating personality but also for the caring and approachable friend that he is to everyone in the office. When not at work, we can either find him doting upon Siri, his adorable golden retriever, or going on long drives around the city.

A crazy travel enthusiast, Chitransh has numerous tales to share from his many adventures and his bucket list is truly one to die for!

Let’s hear what Chitransh has to say, as he walks us through his day

07:00 AM

I usually begin my day with a quick jog or a run in the park with my dear furry friend, Siri. Sometimes, when I am unusually pumped up, I replace light cardio with an intense hard-core workout session. I think it's very healthy to start off with a refreshed mind and body, I often get amazing ideas while I am in this zone.

08:00 AM

I am usually back home around 8 am to prepare a sumptuous and filling breakfast that keeps me going for the rest of the day. Having some time on my hands and being the planning freak that I am, I check my emails and to-do lists thoroughly. I also align my tasks and schedule my meetings for the entire day before leaving for the office.

My favorite part of the day is the 10-minute drive to the office. I really enjoy my commute to work as it takes me through quite a scenic route and Jaipur has some amazing roads for a smooth drive. If the weather’s clear, I might even consider ditching my car and taking my bike out for a ride.

09:45 AM

By 9:45 am, I am already at my office prepping for the morning meeting I have with Chitra ma’am and my manager, Tarun. The quality conversations give me a great start to the day and help me immensely in getting a clear vision of my goal and targets.

It is followed by another learning session with all the managers and team leaders, where brilliant ideas are exchanged. This meeting generally revolves around performance statistics across different departments giving us ample time to identify the scope of improvement in specific sections, observe, and learn from the challenges faced by others.

The biggest takeaway from this meeting at the start of the day is the discipline that is instilled in all of us. As it gives an excellent opportunity to get feedback from each other, it prevents us from getting too complacent and helps to bring out the best in us.  

11:00 AM

After the meeting, I directly head back and give a loud cheer to everyone present in my room. Working with my team is truly a joyful and exciting experience. I count my blessings for the love and enthusiasm with which I am greeted back every morning.

To make sure my team is an active part of every brainstorming session, I always prefer to sit amongst them rather than in the cabin and take time to answer any query they might have.

Since my different teams have their own strategies and requirements, we gather around to execute everything that has been talked about in the morning meeting.

1:30 PM

Around 1:30 PM, there’s a core-team meeting to discuss the upcoming tasks. While work is of utmost importance, I also make some time to conduct some fun activities with my team. The activities planned are generally reward-based to bring in more productivity among the team members.

Last week when I took a training session, I asked everyone to take down notes and the one with the best note-taking skills got a free coffee from my end. I am a staunch believer in the fact that team activities increase productivity in our members more than any pep-talk and as expected, these activities have been quite fun and impactful.

2:15 PM  

Before lunch, I often indulge in a volleyball session with my team members. After a sweaty but high-in energy round, we usually have lunch together. From fast-food options and refreshing beverages to delicious combo meals that taste just like home-cooked food, luckily, we’re always spoiled for choices at the food truck in our office. As for me, I can never go wrong with some cheesy garlic bread and cold coffee!

4:00 PM

This is the focus time on my calendar when I sit with myself and strategize. I use my daily planner to keep a track of all monthly targets and new projects. Planning on the growth of individual members and preparing their roadmap not only helps to align my vision with theirs but also helps to plan and forecast ahead. Around this time, I take a short walk around the office campus. If I am lucky, I can catch a good sunset view as well.  

6:00 PM

We tend to have end-of-the-day meetings around this time to discuss our daily productivity. I can say at this point that a cup of coffee and good conversation with my team members gives the perfect end to my day. Often, we also get snacks for everyone, to celebrate the team’s performance or sometimes, just because.

7:00 PM

I pack my laptop and leave for a long drive around the city with my favorite songs blasting in full volume. I also like hanging out with my team outside of work. On certain days and probably every weekend, you might find me hanging out with them at some cozy cafe in the city.

I have to admit, there are so many new things I get to learn from the team I'm a part of. It is great to be surrounded by people that are super smart and so energetic.

9:00 PM

On reaching home, I am greeted by Siri with the biggest leap and licks all over my face. After I grab my dinner, I set down to work on my bucket list. Reels are my latest fascination, so  I scroll through Instagram, get content ideas, research on new places to visit and plan accordingly for my next getaway. Every now and then, I go for a walk before finally ending my day and gearing up for the next big one!