With about 3.66 million confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide, many countries are struggling to keep pace with the increasing cases each day. Although many countries like China, South Korea, Austria, New Zealand, and the Czech Republic have shown immense signs of recoveries and have loosened up a majority of restrictions and lockdown rules. With the number of cases continuously slackening down for these countries, they are keen for their citizens to resume travelling domestically and are thus providing financial aid to help the travel industry get back on its own feet.

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India Reports 4 COVID-Free States, Goa Hopes To Resume Tourism

The first-ever state to be declared Coronavirus-free in India also hopes to see a rise in tourism soon. The Chief Minister of Goa Mr. Pramod Sawant addressed the media saying, “We will welcome tourists to our state after May 17 once the lockdown ends. Although, we are still waiting for the center’s guidelines to be issued to resume with the tourism activities in the state after May 17.” The state of Goa records 30% of its total GDP being contributed by the tourism industry with about 7 million tourists visiting the state annually including half a million foreign tourists. The state had suspended all tourist activities from March and has been one of the worst-hit states economically, due to the pandemic. The state has also requested a bailout package for tourism from the central government.

Other than Goa, Tripura, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh in the north-east of India have also been declared Coronavirus-free”. The borders of all states although, still remain closed due to the extended nationwide-lockdown.

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Czech Republic Lifts Ban On International Travel

One of the other countries which also seems to be recovering from the pandemic is the Czech Republic which has taken severe measures to quickly resume most economic activities in the country. The government has decided on lifting the ban on international travel by bus and train from May 11 and has already permitted its citizens to travel abroad on the condition that they return healthy. The government has also reached out to the companies who have been hit hard by the pandemic like small businesses and self-employed with massive financial aid. The companies would also be relieved of up to 50% of the rent. Moreover, the government has pledged a total of $40.24 billion in loans for workers and firms. As the lockdown restrictions ease up, the country will also be seeing resuming and reopening of cinemas, theatres, sports activities, and religious services with new hygiene rules and a restricted number of people allowed from May 11.

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Poland Might be Issued With Domestic Travel Vouchers

Another country that is getting aids and benefitting from the government’s policies is Poland. The government has expressed a possibility of domestic travel vouchers to be issued to its citizens which will be worth 1000 Zloty to resume the demand for domestic travel in Poland. The vouchers would be redeemable for leisure trips and activities like exhibitions, entertainment, sporting, outdoor, recreational, and cultural events. About 1000+ programs are also being considered to be designed for several stakeholders of the travel industry in Poland like tour operators, travel agents, and other providers of tourism services.

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India’s Party Capital Leads By Example

With several countries that have loosened the lockdown rules getting massive financial aid and bailouts from their government, the tourism industry might resume its functions quickly after all. For India, the shining example of our very own “Party Capital”- Goa has really shown us how to effectively contain the virus and take quick steps to resume the economic activities of the state. We hope the rest of the states can also learn from the example, recover safely and resume travelling again!

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