It's time for the citizens of the Czech Republic to rejoice as the government of the country reveals its plans to offer a sum of USD 180 per head to go enjoy a spa holiday. The announcement of this huge package worth more than USD 44.76 million comes as a necessary measure for helping in stimulating the health tourism sector of the country that has been significantly affected by the pandemic and witnessed a low turn up of tourists.

Launched specifically aiming at the residents of the Czech Republic, discounts are also being offered to UK nationals now. This discount can be availed by any individual booking at least 5 cures and 6 nights ‘curative, preventive stay’ at a spa facility in the country towards the end of the current year.

While travel enthusiasts are already looking forward to their post-COVID vacations with a lot of excitement, the launch of such a rejuvenating spa holiday package from a country like Czech, which is known for its prestigious spas, is surely a boon in this new normal environment of the pandemic, where everyone is seeking a relaxing break.

Most of the spas listed out under this programme lie in the West Bohemian Spa Triangle, which is known to shelter the highest number of therapeutic water springs in the world. Having offered a healing effect in curing respiratory diseases for ages, these springs will now be utilized by the Czech spas in developing curative programmes for people, who have recovered from COVID. With experienced medical staff and qualified balneology experts under their roofs, these spas are aimed at offering visitors the most sanative treatments.