In accordance with a statement released lately by Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore and Thailand will be accelerating their discussions regarding the development of a green lane to facilitate necessary corporate travels between the two nations in this new normal world of COVID-19.

These two Asian countries have even had important productive talks recently through video conferencing, in which they discussed enhancing the flexibility of the supply chains.

The green lane arrangement will allow official and business travel between Singapore and Thailand while abiding by the recommended health safeguards. The eligible travellers will have to follow certain protocols, such as submitting their tour programmes and taking swab tests.

This initiative has given new hopes to the corporate officials and business owners, who have long been struggling with the proceedings of their official programmes due to the COVID-19 crisis.

In the course of the e-meeting, the nations also shared with one another their personal experiences on dealing with the pandemic and even contributed test kits and medical supplies mutually. They also discussed important progress made in mutual cooperation in different fields, such as defence, education, finance, and commerce.

Singapore also has plans to establish green lanes for travel with other neighbouring nations like Japan and Indonesia. Previously, the country had also implemented such a deal with Malaysia for facilitating important business travels between the two nations for a short time period of 14 days.