Like 2022, even in 2023 , the demand for international travel among Indians is experiencing a huge surge indicating a strong desire among Indian travelers to explore new destinations and cultures.

With the demand for European destinations picking up post Covid, France stands out to be one of the hot favorites of Indians. 6 months back we started promoting diverse itineraries of France on our platform using our 360 marketing approach.  In consequence, Thrillophilia successfully facilitated the booking  of 500+ Indian tourists to France in Q1 of 2023.

As France continues to be a popular destination among Indian travelers, Thrillophilia's deep understanding of the Indian market and 15+ tailor-made tours and 75+ experiences in France proved to be a key factor in achieving this feat. Most activities are bookable in real time for the travelers which also gives them to add more experiences on the fly as they travel. This fluid approach of booking trips helps travelers book the important components first which are likely to get sold out or have dynamic pricing.

Meticulous Planning and Strategic Approach for the Campaign:

The company's meticulous planning around this campaign with all the four departments product, tech, marketing and sales coming together with a strategic approach, have been instrumental in achieving this significant milestone within a relatively short time frame.

Thrillophilia used its featured destination marketing strategy where a lot of content was created around France and was strategically placed over the entire website on pages where the user has high intent to travel to the same or a similar/competing  destination or is in exploratory phase. The entire user journey and behavior was tracked and fed into video remarketing campaigns

Additionally, Thrillophilia implemented successful retargeting and remarketing campaigns specifically targeting its luxury travelers, which helped to attract affluent audiences to the destination. To further increase the campaign's reach, the company employed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that resonated with the audience base of 2.1 Million on Instagram.

Popular Destinations and Itineraries within France:

Most itineraries booked included Paris as the key destination, with many covering Nice and Lyon too as next favorites. 72% of these itineraries also had other European countries involved, top being Italy, Netherlands and Switzerland.

The Eiffel Tower Tickets, Disneyland, Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles, Palais Garnier, and were among the most top selling attractions in Paris. Additionally, other notable attractions such as the Arc De Triomphe, Musee Marmottan Monet have also garnered significant interest from many travelers.  

Thrillophilia's comprehensive strategies have had a significant impact on France as a destination, leading to increased traffic of 300% on France Itineraries and also attracting affluent travelers.

As a result, bookings of  France as a destination crossed the 500+ mark in just 71 days, achieving the Q1 goals 19 days prior.