Problem Statement:

Despite being home to a myriad of immersive experiences and attractions, Abu Dhabi faced a lack of demand in India for Thrillophilia for its diverse experiences, with a majority of travelers only spending one day in the city visiting just Ferrari World and Warner bros. This lack of traction for attractions other than Ferrari World was a crucial problem faced by Abu Dhabi's tourism industry specially when it came to the Indian audience.

In an effort to promote and sell the endless experiences of Abu Dhabi, Thrillophilia extended with the Abu Dhabi tourism board in 2022.


Thrillophilia launched a strategic campaign to promote the wide variety of immersive experiences and attractions available in Abu Dhabi. The campaign's primary objective was to create demand for diverse experiences other than Ferrari world, so the potential customer could book them easily. To achieve this goal, Thrillophilia employed a multi-faceted approach that included a combination of research, product & content creation, marketing, data analysis, and technology.

Attraction Partnerships:

The company strengthened its partnerships with key attractions like Warner Bros, Yas waterworld, Louvre Museum, Clymb Abu dhabi, etc by establishing API integrations and making inventory bookable in real-time. Attractions were then made part of multiple itineraries of Dubai available on Thrillophilia.

Several Abu Dhabi combo packages were introduced, such as the Abu Dhabi City Tour and Warner Bros Combo, The Yas, Corniche & Maya Island Boat Sightseeing Tour, and the Ferrari World and YAS Island Water Park combo. These packages enabled travelers to discover a variety of attractions beyond their primary destination, offering a more comprehensive and fulfilling travel experience.

Targeted Promotional Campaigns:

To reach the segmented audience based on the location, interest, budget, etc from various parts of India, Thrillophilia conducted promotional campaigns and employed a variety of media buying techniques. The campaign included retargeting individuals who had previously booked short-haul destinations or showed an interest in other international destinations like Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, and Bali.

Additionally, special offers were provided for repeat buyers from more than ten years ago, further increasing customer engagement. Thrillophilia also focused on creating exclusive luxury experiences for its affluent customer base of 200K+ travelers and promoted them through various media channels, such as newsletters, WhatsApp automation, and third-party media buying.

Data Partnership:

The data partnership between Thrillophilia and Abu Dhabi was a crucial component of the campaign. Thrillophilia delved into the data and analyzed the demand for Abu Dhabi from over 40 major cities in India alongside monitoring which city was more likely to consume which type of experience. Based on this data-driven analysis, Thrillophilia designed specific performance campaigns that targeted each city's preferences and demands in India. This approach resulted in 3X more efficient results for the campaign, indicating the success of the data-driven strategy.

The Abu Dhabi team was provided with several user journeys and heat maps that helped them gain insights into how users interact with Thrillophilia's platform. These insights were crucial in designing a comprehensive roadmap for the India campaign that covered all aspects of the customer journey including inspiration, planning, booking, exploring and remembering. The 360-degree roadmap allowed the Abu Dhabi team to have a holistic approach to the campaign and ensure that all touchpoints were optimized to provide the best experience for Indian customers interested in visiting Abu Dhabi.

Technology Partnership:

To target the Indian market more effectively, Thrillophilia developed a dedicated digital platform designed specifically for this market. Initially, the content on this website was only available in English. However, the long-term plan is to create content in more than 10 regional languages spoken in India like Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Marathi, etc to reach out to 100 Million+ users. This approach aimed to cater to the diverse linguistic preferences of Indian users and provide them with a seamless experience in their preferred language. By providing content in multiple languages, Thrillophilia could attract a wider audience, increasing engagement and sales.


The campaign resulted in an overall reach of 40 million and 500K travelers visited experience pages. Over 25K travelers booked these experiences across Abu Dhabi, and bookings were made for over 20 diverse attractions.

The campaign resulted in an overall reach of 40 million:

  • A total of 500,000 travelers visited the experience pages of Abu Dhabi.
  • Out of these 500K visitors, more than 15,000 travelers booked experiences across Abu Dhabi.
  • The bookings were made for over 20 diverse attractions, indicating the success of the campaign in promoting various experiences offered by Abu Dhabi.
  • The user journey of these 500K+ travelers was analyzed and plotted to capture demand in the market, which helped in creating a comprehensive roadmap for the future campaigns.