At Thrillophilia, two entirely different horizons of the travel scenario- the destinations of North-East India and Bali are led by a team of super energetic and efficient people. They are devoted towards weaving the best travel memories for travelers around the globe - be it the diverse beauty of North-East India or the ‘Land of Gods’, Bali. This team never fails to curate and deliver the most experiential trips for people. Starting off as a small team, this pack of now almost 40 people perform in varied roles of sales, business, or operations, but together, they craft meaningful stories and solidify our vision for the future of travel and experiences.

Meet the team that has been constantly working hand in hand to take their category to the top, their dedication and hard work reverberating the love they have for these destinations and the shift they want to make from the conventional ways of traveling. They are the experts who guide each customer in their journey from the moment of planning to the end, ensuring that each booking is catered to with care and there is no gap between what is promised and the service given.

People behind the hard work:

The entire team of North-East and Bali, consisting of 40 highly motivated members, is bent upon pursuing the best outcome. While bringing fruitful results on the table is indispensable, there are few key performers who have been consistent with their good work and make the team what it is.

According to Amanpreet, “While each and every team member contributes in the overall growth of the team, there are few salient members who have been consistently keeping up a high performance.”

Sayandeep Das and Shubham Jain are the two team leads who look after the sales and business development of North-East and Bali respectively. Sayandeep handles a team of 23 people while Shubham leads 13 people. Their role within the team is more than just training and coaching the members. With the team, they are constantly working towards making the destinations smooth-functioning. For our customers, the duo stands as the ideal travel experts with every little detail at their fingertips, and for the team, a go-to guide under any circumstances.

Their story doesn’t just end in sales and business development. Since both destinations have very distinct operationality, each team has a designated operation team of its own.  Special mention should be given to Rahul Bhattacharya who ensures smooth execution of operations of the North-East while the Bali operation is efficiently headed by team lead Shubham himself.

One of the other pivotal tasks of the team is to determine the needs of products among people and revamp them time and again. The team owes it to the hard work of Prajakta Vaishampayan who has been single-mindedly working towards striking the right itineraries and deciding on a suitable product line.

The squad of North-East and Bali stand together as they coalesce into building a smooth ecosystem. Starting from sales of the destinations to operations and the product line, the team functions in a harmonious way and redefines what it means to work in synergy.

A few other names who have been persistent team players for the team North-East are Harshita Tiwari, Jibon Jyoti Ramchiary and Barnava Basu. They are not only good at what they do but also contribute to the overall success of the team by helping other members out. Apeksha Biradar, Nairit Roy and Amritesh Amar have been making a considerable difference in the Bali team. Aside from being good at their work, they highly contribute to the constructive aspect of the team by being optimistic in their approach.

Team culture and Core Values:

The USP of this team is the diverse group of individuals who come from different backgrounds and skills but work together as a team to achieve big goals. Composed of people coming from varied parts of India, belonging to different cultures and speaking different languages, their differences actually help to discover creative solutions and innovative methods to improve operations and customer experience. Hailing from West Bengal, Maharashtra, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Hyderabad, Arunachal Pradesh the overall culture of the team brings versatile perspectives to the table which helps each member grow individually as well as a team.

It would not be an overstatement to say that the team shares a bond quite like a loving family. In spite of the two separate teams working for different destinations, they turn to their folks for assistance, the clan has learnt to support each other in times of crisis and otherwise. At the same time, however, there is also a hint of friendly rivalry among them which ultimately leads to an increased productivity.

As a team, it believes in the proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” So, the team doesn’t procrastinate a bit when it comes to finding a good reason for celebrations.

As Sayandeep talks about the importance of teamwork and says how each member of the team plays a crucial role in making each experience memorable. “Once we realize our common goal as a team, there comes a sense of solidarity which boosts the spirit to achieve it. That is half the work done!”, he says.

What is most rewarding about working in this team?

Knowing their decisions are leaving a positive impact on the local businesses of the north-eastern states is one of the most rewarding factors about their roles, says Amanpreet.  The squad works with the local partners to develop the destinations and through collective endeavor they contribute in changing the stereotypical narrative of the place. The team is on a die-hard mission to take their destinations to an imposing heights, where they can take pride in their collaborative achievements.

The team sees themselves growing along with the company and it motivates them to walk that extra mile. When every ounce of the team’s hard work is recognized they feel enthusiastic about showcasing their talent. Even while facing setbacks, they know it is taking a positive turn and playing an instrumental role in their learning journey.

Their Vision and Mission:

The team of Bali and North-East is constantly evolving in a positive direction in terms of serving people a travel experience that they fondly remember. Their story is woven through different roles and responsibilities that each member owns up to with joy. With extensive and professional skills, they have confidently worked as a team to stand where they are today.

Their manager, Amanpreet ushered her team forward with the vision of making North-East the most popular destination among potential travelers. The team’s collective ambition is steered through guiding the locals of the North-Eastern states of India and aligning them with the vision of the company. As for Bali, which was always popular among tourists both Indian and international, the team is constantly working towards giving unique travel experiences bringing in a fresh perspective of the destination.

After North-East and Bali, she says, “My ulterior motive while training team members is to bring out the best in them and make them realize their own potential. Making sure that the team is happy and enjoying what they do is what ultimately brings forward the desired results.”

With visionary dreams, the team is taking rather giant steps towards scaling it up to the top of the ladder. Producing able leaders who will be marshaling the way towards the overall team’s success is what the North-East and Bali team looks forward to.