The national parks and forests in West Bengal are all set to welcome tourists with appropriate safety measures from September 23 as per the announcement by Rajib Banerjee, the Forest Minister. The process of reopening has already been initiated by all parks and forests and the safety guidelines have also been issued to all.

All safety guidelines have been issued on the basis of COVID advisory of the Health Department to ensure the safety of all officials, tourists and staff entering the premises of the parks.

The parks and forest of West Bengal had been shut down since the beginning of the nationwide lockdown in March. The same has caused a massive loss to wildlife tourism in the state. The news has brought much-needed relief to the wildlife enthusiasts of the country and also to tour operators and guides who are now hopeful for a quicker recovery of the travel industry in West Bengal.

The decision has been made to attract more tourists to the wildlife parks and forests of West Bengal right before Puja, which are comparatively safer than other destinations. This will surely give the state’s tourism industry a much-needed boost.