Thrillophilia's strategic partnership with Museum of the Future since its very launch has propelled the company into the position of being the attraction's biggest partner in India. Owing to the museum's novelty, a 360-degree awareness campaign was launched with Indian customers as its primary target, helping the company garner more than 12,000+ bookings for Museum of the Future in just the first 90 days.

Diversified Range of Strategies were Employed to Scale Bookings

The steep numbers owe much to the company's comprehensive marketing strategies and new-age technological solutions, amongst other things.

Creative Marketing Strategies: The company’s holistic marketing techniques involved extending its campaign across several digital platforms with the use of content and performance marketing, social media, emails, and more. This campaign was targeted toward Thrillophilia's audience of 50 Million on the platform and social media who are on the lookout for diverse travel experiences.  

MICE Bookings: Thrillophilia’s existing corporate clientele, comprising more than 1000 companies, has also assisted Museum of the Future in reaching the widest customer base possible. Marketing through the corporate channels led to increased traction through MICE bookings, as more companies turned towards Thrillophilia’s corporate discounts to carry out bulk bookings for corporate travel and gifting purposes.

Smart and Advanced Tech Solutions: Thrillophilia used technology as their competitive advantage to revolutionize the booking journey on its platform and create a seamless and unified experience for customers, enabling them to discover and book the most suitable product.

Travel Agent Platform: The Museum of Future was also vigorously marketed in Thrillophilia’s travel agent platform. The newly launched Thrillophilia travel agent platform has 10,000+ agents. Travel agents could now book packages through Thrillophilia at B2B rates, which are considerably lower than existing market rates, attracting a new customer base towards the brand new attraction. This in turn, assisted in scaling the booking rates even further.

The inventive marketing campaign successfully reached a target audience of more than 10 million, with tourists from over 20+ countries having booked their Museum of the Future experience through Thrillophilia.

Thrillophilia’s use of smart marketing methods, its diversified experiences and prudent employance of multiple digital platforms has secured its position as Museum of the Future’s key partner in the Indian market. The collective methods have successfully led to 12,000+ tickets having been booked over the first 90 days of the campaign.

Abhishek Puri, the Vice President of Growth at Thrillophilia said,We are deeply invested in this partnership and this year we intend to sell 50K+ tickets. India is one of the key markets for Dubai and with our partnership with Dubai Tourism and Museum of Future we want to ensure that every traveler traveling from India to Dubai has Museum of Future tickets pre-booked with us”.