Abu Dhabi’s Department of Culture and Tourism has reopened several museums and cultural sites across the Emirates on the 15th of June 2020, but only with strict guidelines and safety measures in place. The places have been reopened to help the communities that were adversely affected by the COVID pandemic to finally recover economically.

The guidelines will require all cultural sites to allow a capacity of just 40% of the original one. This will enable all sites to follow social distancing, control crowds, regulate employees’ numbers, and enhance the visitors’ experience in the site.

The Acting Undersecretary of DCT Abu Dhabi, HE Saood Al Hosani said, “We believe that art and culture have the power to bring people together and help them heal. At DCT Abu Dhabi we are proud to work towards making that happen by leveraging the power of art to help re-engage the community and help it return to normalcy in these difficult times,”

He further added, “To bring back people’s confidence and feel safe about their health, it is our duty to provide support for the culture sector in Abu Dhabi by introducing strict measures at all our cultural sites and museums. This will ensure that visitors feel safe and understand that their health and safety will be of paramount importance when they visit. This will also enable them to enjoy the sites with enhanced peace of mind. The guidelines set out stringent criteria for the sites to follow, to ensure members of the public can be assured their visit will be safe and secure. These steps highlight the strides Abu Dhabi has made in containing the crisis and we are looking forward to welcoming back culture and art-lovers to our attractions soon.”