As China slowly recovers from the global epidemic of CoronaVirus and lifts travel bans all across the country, there’s a ray of hope for the travel industry. A recent study (Lufthansa Innovation Hub Analysis AppAnnie) conducted on travel and mobility tech categories like air travel, online search and bookings, accommodations, urban mobility and tours, and activities shows a rise in the downloads of travel apps all across the country.

Credits: Big Seven Travel

A Jump Of 73% As Compared To The Lowest Point

The study in all these categories was conducted by taking the top 5 travel apps in each of these categories and the app download volumes in the last 12 weeks in China were calculated. A week over week change in these downloads was marked and plotted against a graph. The results showed an almost perfect V shape which denotes that the initial shock of the virus on the travel industry has been quickly recovered. There had been a decline of more than 50% in downloads after February 9th when the epidemic took its toll over China. After a continuous decline of almost 42 days, more and more people started to download these apps again. Around the 8th of March, the curve started to go up and a quick recovery was seen in the initial shock. This amounted to a jump of 73% as compared to its lowest point.

Source: Lufthansa Innovation Hub Analysis, AppAnnie

An Eminent Rise In Domestic Flight Bookings

The quick recovery of the downloads was also seen in app downloads of all the categories mentioned with an approximately similar amount of days. Another interesting finding of the study is how the recovery period started immediately after China resumed business operations in all 30 mainland provinces on February 10th- which was even before the virus had peaked. This shows how people are willing to travel in spite of travel restrictions worldwide. Data backed by local Chinese travel search and data providers (like eLong and Variflight) and China Travel News shows there has been a significant rise in domestic air travel bookings in China. The same also shows the readiness and preparedness of Chinese for holidays in the upcoming months inside China- a much needed good news for the travel industry.

Credits: The Verge

The Silver Lining

Although a far cry- a similar trend is also expected in the US and European countries. The recovery of all sectors and domains of the travel industry is being expected in a maximum span of 6 weeks. The strict international travel restrictions in the west are definitely going to affect the improvement of the lash and thus, expecting a complete recovery of the industry that quickly is still unrealistic. But the recovery of the initial shock is anticipated to be quick by many experts and the eventual growth of the industry is going to be slow but sure.

Credits: RNIB

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